How to Use Microsoft Word Tables

Microsoft Office

Today we are going to learn how to use Microsoft Word tables in a very concise and informative method.

What is an MS Word table?

A Microsoft Word table is simply a logical structure that allows you to format and display information in a tabular format. The tabular format can be envisioned as horizontal (forming rows) and vertical (forming columns) lines drew to cross through each other to form rows and columns respectively. The gaps between rows and columns are what known as cells or simply table cells.

The following figure portrays a simple table structure concept:

A simple 4 by 4 table structure

As we can see form the figure above, the horizontal lines form table rows and the vertical lines form columns. The gaps between them are cells that hold information items.

Basic Properties of a table

A table can have several properties that make it look professional and appealing to intended audience. For example, by applying column headers and/or row headers may increase professionalism to your MS Word tables you design. The following list shows you some basic table properties:

  • Column Headers
  • Row Headers
  • table borders
  • row width
  • column height